A Medium Reader Tried To Fuck With Me

Well, they did fuck with me

Claire Franky
2 min readFeb 10, 2024


Photo by sebastiaan stam on Unsplash

I don’t usually write about Medium. I save my Medium bitching for other people’s comment sections.

You’re welcome.

But things have changed thanks to a fellow Medium member. Someone put a target on my back. Someone hiding in the shadows or in a bag of dicks. And I am going to end them.

Which means I’m going to write a whiny article and then forget about it because I have a life. Sort of.

There is a lot of grumbling about clap and runners. I’ve had a few — seen them clap three or four of my stories in two minutes and disappear like a man who promises to make breakfast in the morning.


I’ve either blocked them or self-medicated on pancakes and moved on. But this one was different.

I was struck by the ultimate clap and runner. So fiercely prickish that they outdid any clap-and-run event I have ever witnessed.

In under thirty minutes, this piece of slug spunk clapped 106 of my stories.


I hope they go to prison.

This means they spent less than 30 seconds on each page, impacting my read ratio and available earnings for each story. Apparently.

No one understands this place.

Just pay me.

My total number of published stories on Medium is 124.

I forgot to throw myself a parade when I hit 100.

Only 16, no 18 of my babies were saved from this demon.

The question is — why? Why did this person want to steal my hardish-earned cash? They had no stories posted.


So they weren’t looking for return reads.

Is this just some random person sitting in their slutty little cave, fucking whoever they desire on Medium? Or is this someone in disguise? Someone with a second account who wants to attack me for being an annoying crumb of fuck?

I would speculate more but my show is starting.

I wrote this article to take a stand against clap and runners.

Or just to make back the money this gnome’s cock took.

All you need to do to join the uprising is read this article nine times.