He Walked Out During Our First Date

Surprisingly, it wasn’t because of my personality

Claire Franky
4 min readMay 6, 2024


Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

“What are you drinking?”

“Archers and lemonade, please,” I called across the wide bar top to the bartender.

It was the peach schnapps drink that twenty-something British women who couldn’t handle a real drink and wore dresses that barely covered their asses flocked to a decade ago.

The bartender nodded and I thought I caught him rolling his eyes as I tugged down the hem of my dress.

I scanned the room as I waited for my little bitch drink. The bar was surrounded by equally predictable people laughing and talking loudly at each other over Pitbull’s latest masterpiece.

As it was only 8 PM, there were still a few empty hightops scattered around the room. My drink and I found a seat at one facing the entrance so I could watch for his arrival.

I placed my black clutch purse with gold studs on the table and pulled out my iPhone. A text message flashed up on the screen, “I’m running five minutes late.”

It wasn’t a great start to a first date.

A month earlier, I had joined Plenty of Fish, the most popular free dating app at the time after leaving a three-year…