I Confronted My Husband About the Ashley Madison Incident

Claire Franky
3 min readMar 15

It went super well.

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My husband and I have been separated for eight months. He had a picture on Ashley Madison while we were still together. There was never a sensible explanation. I wrote about it a few months ago:

Last night my phone rang. It was my husband.

Oh, you’re not in prison then? Fabulous.

I answered. He droned on about himself and how hard his life is.

Sitting on your ass drinking whiskey every day? Yeah, mate, it’s tough out there.

After giving me a sob story, he went on to claim that his impending gloom was my fault….again. He said that I’m a bad mother and a bad wife because I wouldn’t give our daughter a pacifier when she was a newborn. I was mean to him when he cashed in his retirement fund and spent it on pills. And that I cheated on him with the guy across the road.

Our daughter repeatedly refused to take a pacifier.

Pills were a good investment. I was wrong.

Never met the guy across the road.

Normally, I wouldn’t listen to this kind of fuckery and just hang up the phone. However, he was the third bitch to annoy me that day, and I was feeling my Scorpio fire.

So, I went there. I brought up the Ashley Madison incident.

“Erm, I’m sorry, wasn’t your picture on a dating site?” I asked.

He responded, “No!”

Me: “Well it was, wasn’t it? We had many conversations about it.”

Him: “No, we didn’t! You make stuff up.”

Me: “Oh, ok then. I didn’t move out. I’m sitting on the couch. If you can’t see me it’s because you make stuff up.”

Him: (Cursing, insults, etc.) “Fine. I was on Ashley Madison.”



“But you would only go to my sister’s house for four…

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