It’s My Fault My Dog Turned to Drugs

My veterinarian hates me

Claire Franky
5 min readFeb 5, 2024


Photo by @Chrissy Langston on Unsplash

Warning: This little chunk of writing before the next photo is going to be boring as fuck.

My dog, Sammy has rear dewclaws which can be described as an extra toe. He has them on both hind legs, slightly north of his paws. The nails on these extra toes grow slowly and usually need trimming every six to eight months.

They can be admired in this photo. He looks unhappy but it’s not because of the extra toes, it’s because we were in Florida.

Sammy in St. Augustine, Florida. Photo taken by author.

One day last week, while working, mommying, leaving fire emojis on influencer’s Insta photos, and living that pimp life, I noticed that Sammy had a sore on the top of his foot. I cleaned it with some salt water.

It seemed like a momish thing to do.

The next morning, I noticed that Sammy’s upper foot area seemed swollen. After a minute of feeling and looking over his foot, pads, and toes, I saw that one of his extra nails was long — much longer than the others. They had been trimmed only five months ago but the nail had curved and was pressed against the pad on his dewclaw.

I touched it and Sammy jumped up, pulling his leg away from me. After a calorie-burning chase around the house, I caught him and lay on top of him to inspect further. I found that the nail wasn’t pressed against the pad but had grown into it.

Seems like something you should have mentioned, Samsters!

After playing with it a little, it was clear I was not going to be able to do anything with the ingrown nail myself. So, I cried, hugged the money in my bank account goodbye, and rang the veterinarian.

They scheduled Sammy for an appointment that morning. I panicked. I needed more time to come up with an excuse as to why I had let this happen.

I had been away on vacation? He had been staying with a family member?

He ate a poisoned apple? My daughter accidentally tapped it in with her plastic hammer? It was really